Check out a sample of one week’s worth of content we created for DRT Legal.

Company Profile:

DRT Legal is a law firm that offers expertise in various legal domains.

They assist individuals and businesses in navigating legal complexities, from contractual disputes to family law matters.

Their team provides solutions for clients seeking guidance and resolution in challenging legal scenarios.

Then we distributed the article via…

1:// Facebook

2:// LinkedIn

3:// Their Website

4:// Google My Business

Next, we created a podcast episode… take a listen!

Listen now



Then, we used the podcast audio to create two videos… check ’em out!


A long-form video for YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook.

A short-form video for YouTube Shorts, Instagram and Facebook Reels, and TikTok.

We created images and posted them on

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Finally, we sent an email to the business’ network of customers and contacts.


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